CoopLink Corporation aims to be the provider of the best I.T. solution to the cooperatives at an affordable price.

The Cooplink

CoopLink Corporation is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in November 2002. Its birth is the fruit of the initiatives of Visayas Cooperative Central Fund (VCF), (VICTO) and select coops in the Visayas. These select coops had the desire of connectivity among themselves. With the different systems running in these select coops, it is impossible to establish connectivity among themselves. more>>

The Corporation’s leadership is ably handled by Coop and corporate leaders President/CEO Auburn Patrick V. Samson whose heart and mind is focus on the cooperative movement. The Board of Directors its incorporators are also from the cooperatives. Needless to say, the corporation’s leadership is founded by the cooperative ideals pursuing business concerns.


CoopLink provides businesses & establishments with user-friendly and practical computer applications. Each package guarantees a fast, efficient, and secure operation. We give a total I.T. solution for your needs! The corporation’s partner, has been in the industry for over a decade. These programmers are trained internationally and locally on systems development projects. They are also very abled Powebuilder and Sybase developers. They are one of Sybase Philippines System Integrator Partners.

To fully focus on its vision, the corporation has tapped a pool of experienced and competent programmers and analysts whose experience varies. The core competence of the corporation is on computer consultancy, systems analysis and design, software development.

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